Адвокатска кантора Артис Легал

(28 гласа)



 Адвокатската кантора осигурява правно обслужване и процесуално представителство, и защита на български и чуждестранни граждани, и търговски дружества в следните области на правото:

  • Търговско право;
  • Имиграционно право;
  • Застрахователно право;
  • Вещно право;
  • Наказателно право;
  • Административно право;
  • Банково право;
  • Семейно право.


  • Събиране на дължими суми, представителство по изпълнителни дела;  
  • Регистрация на фирми и промени в обстоятелствата;  
  • Представителство по граждански дела за делба на недвижими имоти;  
  • Представителство по сделки с недвижими имоти, изготвяне на нотариални актове и договори;  
  • Придобиване на българско гражданство;  
  • Придобиване на разрешение за постоянно и продължително пребиваване в България;  
  • Правни услуги за чужденци;
  • Всички други услуги, подробно описани в сайта на кантората: http://advokatibulgaria.com


LAW OFFICE “ARTIS LEGAL” provides the highest quality legal services to foreign entities and individuals in all areas of law in the Republic of Bulgaria.

To be protected in the greatest extent the rights and interests of our clients a team of lawyers with extensive professional experience is taking care of. The legal services provided by us are based on the principles of high quality, confidentiality, honesty and loyalty to customers. We ensure to our clients fast and successful achievement of the most effective results and the best solution in accordance with the specificities of the concrete case.

The Legal Office has extensive practical experience in the following areas of law:

Immigration Law – Legal representation and assistance in proceedings for acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship and obtaining of a residence permit in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Commercial and Corporate Law – Registration of companies in Bulgaria and carrying out changes in this registration. Assistance during concluding all commercial transactions. Legal representation and participation in negotiations on trade disputes with other retailers, municipal authorities and state institutions. Registration of commercial representations of foreign companies. Bankruptcy of companies. Legal representation and legal protection in commercial disputes in front of all courts, special jurisdictions and the Court of Arbitration.

Property Law – Legal representation in real estate transactions. Legal protection during lawsuits in connection with disputes over real estate in front of all courts, special jurisdictions and the Court of Arbitration.

Tax and Administrative Law – Legal assistance in front of all instances.

Contractual Law – legal assistance in connection with the preparation and signing of various contracts.

Banking Law – Consultations on banking transactions.

Insurance Law – Legal representation and assistance in disputes relating to insurance contracts.

Family Law – Legal representation in divorce proceedings, custody and other matrimonial actions.

Criminal Law – legal protection in criminal cases.

Legal representation – legal defense in lawsuits in connection with commercial and civil litigation in front of all courts, special jurisdictions and the Court of Arbitration.

Debt Recovery – Legal representation and legal protection of creditors and debtors in proceedings connected with debt recovery and enforcement cases.

In view of provision of quality and comprehensive service to our clients LAW OFFICE “ARTIS LEGAL” works in cooperation with notaries throughout the country, with number of enforcement agents, economists, accounting offices and other specialists and experts in various fields. All our legal services are listed on our website and can be provided with equal quality in Bulgarian, English, Russian and other languages.

The objective of our Legal Office is to provide you with a reliable legal support in order to preserve your best interests and to protect your rights to the greatest extent.

За контакти:

  • Телефон: 02 / 989 96 55 ; 0878 13 52 37
  • E-mail: Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите.
  • Град: София
  • Адрес: бул. Витоша №4, ет. 2, офис 217
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